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VORERO™ speech recognition middleware

Speech recognition technology is used in car navigation systems, cell phones, and smartphones, with applications expanding to include appliances and electronic products for the home.

car navigation systems, cell phones, and smartphones

Jointly developed with Asahi Kasei Group company Crystal IS, Inc. of the US, ultraviolet light emitting diodes (UVC LEDs) with wavelengths from 250 nm to 280 nm were launched in 2014. Compared with the mercury-vapor lamps conventionally used as UV light source, UVC LEDs are more energy efficient, require less space, provide longer service life, and are more environmentally friendly. They are expected to play a growing role in various applications such as water and air disinfection and sterilization. Our UCV LEDs are based on aluminum nitride (AlN) substrate with low defect densities to achieve high performance and reliability.

water and air disinfection, sterilization