Human Resources


The Asahi Kasei Group believes that all of the human resources working at the Group are the source of new value creation based on their diversity and capability to change.

The Asahi Kasei Group endorses international frameworks related to labor such as the principles of the UN Global Compact, which the Group has signed. In the Asahi Kasei Group Code of Conduct, we stipulate that we do not tolerate inhumane practices such as child labor and compulsory labor, we prohibit discrimination for any reason, including employment status, and we practice business honestly and with a sense of responsibility. We not only comply with labor-related laws and regulations in Japan and overseas, including working hours and minimum wages, but also strive to create a working environment in which our employees can reach their full potential and work safely and with peace of mind.

Asahi Kasei Group employee data


2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
Number of Group employees 30,313 32,821 33,720 34,670 39,283*1
Number of new recruits New graduates 353 397 435 514 565*2
Mid-career recruits 61 74 128 232 487*3

*1 March 2019  *2 April 2018 (including 138 women)  *3 April 2018 – March 2019

Management framework

General Affairs and the Human Resources and Organizational Development Group at Human Resources oversee initiatives related to personnel and labor management and human resource development. Each Group company operates its own personnel system and strives for human resource development. The Group-wide status is confirmed through regular audits to ensure there are no violations of laws and regulations or improprieties.

Initiatives for compliance with labor standards and work style reform

We strive to ensure legal compliance through such means as holding training sessions for general affairs and personnel staff at Group companies to promote their understanding in order to ensure Group-wide legal compliance.
In fiscal 2017, Asahi Kasei Corp. also established an expert committee for the labor union and company to examine work style reform, and measures examined by the committee have been implemented. In fiscal 2019, we introduced a work from home program as an environment that will enable diverse human resources to be actively engaged. Moreover, we have increased the number of annual leave days by one day to reduce working hours. In addition to this, we monitor workplaces that have comparatively long working hours with the aim of preventing excessive working hours at the level of each organization.

  • Specific work style reform initiatives (adopted in fiscal 2019)
    • Work from home program
    • Availability of paid annual leave in one-hour units
    • Increase in number of annual leave days by one day, etc.

Preventing harassment

The Asahi Kasei Group Code of Conduct clearly stipulates a policy of zero tolerance for any kind of discrimination or harassment. To this end, we explicitly prohibit sexual harassment and other forms of harassment in our employment regulations. We also seek to instill our company policy of zero tolerance for any kind of discrimination or harassment through training on corporate ethics for employees at each level – new hires, and newly appointed assistant managers and managers. In addition, we implement corporate ethics training by business unit and geographical area. During fiscal 2018 and fiscal 2019, we have been holding seminars through the Asahi Kasei Group focused on the theme of fostering a corporate culture where there is no power harassment.
We have established a central point of contact for consultation about harassment and a compliance hotline (internal reporting system) that ensure anonymity for responding to various inquiries and concerns on related issues in the Asahi Kasei Group.
Training and consultation are also provided for staff from placement agencies and employees of affiliated companies, as part of our Group-wide effort to prevent the occurrence of harassment.

Employee survey

Management and labor work in concert to resolve people-related issues based on mutual understanding and awareness. As part of this, we regularly perform a survey of employees every three years to provide information to line managers that will guide organizational invigoration and management, gauge improvements to previously identified problems and track changes in employee perceptions over time. Survey results are also utilized in the evaluation of initiatives in each department and the consideration of new Group-wide measures.

Communication between management and labor

The Asahi Kasei Group supports employees' freedom of association and right to collective bargaining and strives to maintain a constructive partnership between management and labor.
Discussions on the overall management of the Asahi Kasei Group are held on a regular basis between the management of Asahi Kasei Corp. and the labor union representing some 9,000 members, and separate discussions are periodically held at each business unit and operating site. In addition, regular meetings with the federation of labor unions are held to provide the venue to enhance open communication between management and labor.