Reclaiming water with our unique liquid filtration systems that use hollow-fiber membranes.

Fresh water is essential to every life and livelihood, which is why the Earth's dwindling supply of this precious liquid is a problem shared by all. Asahi Kasei is dedicated to finding a solution, but alas, we cannot make it rain. Instead, we believe the answer lies in making more effective use of the limited water we do have. This inspired Asahi Kasei to develop Microza™, a microfiltration membrane utilizing our hollow-fiber technology. It offers stable, high-filtration performance at low cost. Over 800 water-purification and sewage plants throughout the world—including the United States, China, and Singapore—now rely on Microza. Of course, this alone will not solve the problem. So every day we develop technology that allows us to do what was impossible yesterday—technology that sustains the lives and livelihoods of us all.