EUTEC™ FS Oil-water separation filters (liquid-liquid separation)

Analysis-related applications

Details of analysis-related applications of EUTEC™ FS filter

[Small-scale EUTEC™ oil-water separators for analysis use Multi-fit™ serie]

Feature 1
Clear separation
Compact FS coalescer cartridge separates free water from various fuel oils and solvents down to ppm-order concentrations.
Continuous release-type drainage.
Feature 2
Easy fitting
Compact-design 100A size main body with ferrule-type flanges.
Easy-fit male/female type mountings.
Feature 3
Designed to give peace of mind
Main vessel body employs corrosion-resistant SUS304 steel.
Designed for peace of mind, with 1.0MPa pressure resistance and heat resistance up to 100ーC (vessel).
Custom-designable filter cartridges able to handle various types of solvent.


[M5 series (standard)]

  • Employs 4B ferrule flanges. Main body uses Viton O-rings.
  • Pressure resistant to 1.0MPa, temperature resistant to 100ーC (vessel) by design.


  • Custom vessel design is also possible.

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