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Model Materials Shape
(external diameter x internal diameter)
Other characteristics Catalog download
Main filter media Other materials
A-TWP PTFE+PP PP φ70×φ26 Hydrophilic PTFE *
A-VTW PTFE+PP PP φ83×φ28 Hydrophilic PTFE, high flow-rate type *
A-MWP PP PP φ70×φ26 *
A-VWP PP PP φ83×φ28 *
AMP PP PP φ70×φ26 Built-in gasket type *
A-MHP PP PP φ70×φ26 Colander unwoven type *
A-VHP PP PP φ83×φ28 Colander unwoven type *
A-MWZ PP PP φ70×φ26 Density gradient type *
A-VWZ PP PP φ83×φ28 Density gradient type *
A-MWX PET+PP PP φ70×φ26 Density gradient type *
A-VWX PET+PP PP φ83×φ28 Density gradient type *
A-NPE PET+PP PP φ70×φ26 Built-in gasket type, Density gradient type *
AME PP PP φ70×φ26 *
A-VWE PP PP φ83×φ28 *

*Under Constraction.

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