EUTEC™ MF Microfilters (solid-liquid separation)

EUTEC™ MF / EU-P series


The EUTEC MF/EU-P series is comprised of large flow volume filters mainly used in the removal of dust from fuel oils, lubricants and other liquids at refineries, oil depots and other such facilities.

These filters are recognized for their high quality and high performance and used widely, both in Japan and overseas.

Applicable fluids: gasoline, kerosene, diesel oil, jet fuel, lubricating oils, etc.

[Cartridge specifications]

Series EUP
Type Pleats
Filter rating[μm] 1・2・3・5・10・20・30・45 etc.(*1)
Dimensions Diameter φ150
Length 362 / 600 / 724 / 1100 / other
Materials Filter media Paper GL PET PP
Adhesive Epoxy      
Casing SUS / SECC / SPGD
Max. operation temp.[℃] (*2) 80
  • (*1) Nominal filter ratings are shown.
  • (*2) Maximum operating temperature varies according to the fluid used, pressure and other operating conditions. Always consult Asahi Kasei when choosing a filter.

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