90th Anniversary

Celebrating the 90th anniversary

What has been the key to the business of Bemberg continuing this far? Bemberg’s raw material is cotton linter that is a pre-consumer material obtained from the manufacturing process of cottonseed oil, and we have selected the finest materials always with our unique quality standards. Our suppliers also take great pride in quality control, which allows us to maintain the consistent quality of our products.

What’s more, the Bemberg fiber technology introduced by J.P. Bemberg company in 1928 and for which production started in 1931 subsequently gave rise to short fibers, non-woven fabrics (Bemliese™), and virus-removal membranes (Planova), contributing to life and living. Since Bemberg filament and fibers are considered to be difficult to handle due to their fully natural sources, we have cooperated with partners in the supply chain of each product category to research new applications and developing products.

In recent years we've been collaborating with new stakeholders, and in the future, we will strive for technological innovation that leads to the improvement of environmental performance and benefits to society. Moreover, we will pursue enhanced added value with Bemberg as a one-of-a-kind material in demand throughout the world.

So that we’ll celebrate the 100th anniversary with even greater pride, we would like to continue to deepen our cooperative relationships and productive discussions with stakeholders, and hope that we develop together.

Senior General
Eisaku Maeda
Bemberg™ Senior General Manager Eisaku Maeda