We deliver highly refined comfort in various situations to enrich your life. A big part of the appeal of Bemberg is its versatility.
People who select Bemberg find that it’s concept of “Joy to choose, Joy to wear"

Colorful lustrous fabric that glides smoothly into place

Made from fibers with a smooth surface, Bemberg is a low abrasion material that allows smooth movement. With its beautiful lustrous colors and unique textures, Bemberg™ creates a sense of presence.

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Bemberg fiber has an almost perfectly round cross-section and a smooth surface.
It feels good because it features lower friction and slides easily, even in layers.
Beautiful silhouette
When used in a garment, Bemberg has the ability to form a beautiful silhouette. This happens when the soft and hard parts of the fiber are combined with the moderate weight of moisture contained within it. As a result, Bemberg™ has a well-balanced drape.
Beauty with color depth
Bemberg fibers have many tiny waterways, increasing their ability to quickly absorb dye stuff.
Bemberg fabric can be dyed in a deeper, brighter and variety of colors in a shorter period of time.
The fibrillation creates a fine nap on the surface similar to rose petals. This unique process on Bemberg™ is called as Velutine.
with the skin

Bemberg is a fiber that controls moisture.

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Moisture control
Bemberg keeps you comfortable with excellent moisture control properties.
Comfort guaranteed,
whatever the season

With the high moisture content of its fibers, Bemberg has built-in air-conditioning, keeping the wearer comfortable whatever the season.

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Cool in summer
Thanks to its high moisture content, Bemberg releases heat from the skin surface, keeping you pleasantly cool in summer.
Warm in winter
The moisture that vigorously moves around in the air sticks to Bemberg, and the energy of this moisture turns into heat, which generates warmth. By combining with a material that does not allow the heat to escape, it keeps you warm.
Since static electricity is discharged via the moisture inside, Bemberg features excellent anti-static properties. They also affect dust and pollen adhesion.
Gentle on the skin from start to finish

Feels silky smooth
against the skin.

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Gentle on the skin
Bemberg fiber features an almost perfectly round cross-section and a smooth surface. It feels smooth and is gentle on the skin.