Asahi Kasei participated in a workshop organized by UNDP to support women dyers in the Republic of Mali.

Asahi Kasei Fibers Italia, the distributor of Bemberg™ in Europe, together with its Italian partner Brunello and the Embassy of Japan in the Republic of Mali, participated in a workshop organized by the UNDP to support women dyers in Mali.

This project began when Brunello developed and marketed a product called BemBAZIN™ using Bemberg for BAZIN, a traditional costume in West Cenrtral Africa.Through this workshop, we will contribute to making the traditional dyeing industry more sustainable by identifying social issues faced by the Bazine industry and implementing concrete support in the future.

About UNDP : UNDP (United Nations Development Programme) is the United Nations specialized agency on development that works to promote sustainable development and poverty reduction.UNDP works with countries around the world to implement programs and projects for economic development, social inclusion, and environmental protection.

About Burunello : Founded in 1927, the company is engaged globally in the production and sale of high-quality lining fabrics made of Bemberg™ and other synthetic fibers.Burunello has strengthened its commitment to tradition and innovation, and more recently to sustainability.In addition, Burunello has taken a leadership role in the Italian lining industry.The headquarters covers 65,000 square meters, and Brunello's location in the center of town makes it the core.Since "tradition" is an essential concept for them, Burunello takes great care in the selection process of materials to ensure that quality and sustainability are met.BemBAZIN™ is the brand name of the fabric produced by Brunello.

*Photo Credit : UNDP Mali

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