2024 Spring & Summer Bemberg® Collection

On May 17-18, 2023, at The Garden Room in Tokyo's Ebisu district, we proudly showcased the 2024 Spring & Summer Bemberg® Collection. Although we've seen a decrease in the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, we sincerely appreciate our visitors' cooperation with the precaution of advance reservations. We are genuinely grateful for the lively atmosphere created by all who attended, for which we extend our heartfelt gratitude.

  • Down to earth.

After an unavoidable cancellation of an exhibition that was scheduled to be held in April last year due to a factory fire, we are happy to be back with our first exhibition in two years. Embracing "Re_Start" as our theme, we've imbued this showcase with our determination to push forward with a renewed foundation of safety as we approach our centennial celebration. At the entrance, we debuted our 90th-anniversary rebranding video, setting the stage for an exhibition structured around four key areas:

  1. Bemberg® Sustainability Update

    Marine Biodegradability Certification / RCS Certification / Transparency in Raw Material Sourcing / Initiatives towards Carbon Neutrality

    • Video exhibit of the biodegradation of a 100% Bemberg® miniature shirt submerged in seawater
      Video exhibit of the biodegradation of a 100% Bemberg® miniature shirt submerged in seawater
    • Observing the state of biodegradation as encapsulated in resin
      Observing the state of biodegradation as encapsulated in resin

    Our marine biodegradability has received official certification from the European agency, TUVAUSTRIA BELGIUM. Even in marine environments where biodegradation is less likely to occur due to limited microbial activity, Bemberg® long fibers have been proven to be biodegradable without compromising marine life's safety.
    Moreover, as part of our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint, we transitioned from our No. 3 coal-fired power plant to a natural gas (LNG) power plant in March 2022. This move allows us to reduce our annual CO2 emissions by approximately 160,000 tons, significantly reducing our environmental impact.

  2. Showcasing Selected Materials and Products from Our Partners,

     Inspired by the Concepts of "SORA (sky)" and "TSUCHI (earth)"

    The materials used in the Spring & Summer Bemberg Collection (2024SS) put the spotlight on "New Qualities".
    Amidst growing new awareness of evolving fashion codes, climate change, and gender inclusivity, consumers' desires for fashion and its constituent materials are undergoing a transformation. Accordingly, it is imperative to respond to this emerging desire for new qualities, ones affected by our changing lifestyles.

    • ・Comfort Qualities: An emphasis on lightweight and freeing elements that ensure impeccable wearability
    • ・Sensory Qualities: A blend of silky and natural touches that offer a tantalizing sensory experience
    • ・Innovative Qualities: An approach centered on sustainability and the transmission of expertise
    • ・Joyful Qualities: Materials curated to elevate mood, fostering a positive and joyful engagement with fashion
    • Showcasing Selected Materials and Products from Our Partners, Inspired by the Concepts of
    • Showcasing Selected Materials and Products from Our Partners, Inspired by the Concepts of
  3. Innerwear & Sleepwear Section

    Dive into our versatile range of inner and sleepwear! As well as featuring 100% Bemberg® materials, our collection also introduces an array of sub-brands crafted by combining Bemberg® with other fibers, each boasting distinctive functionalities. For our 2024SS line, themed "Technology × Eco," we've focused on sustainable craftsmanship that incorporates eco-friendly materials like recycled fibers, even in functional fabrics.

    Our sleepwear highlights include duvets and duvet covers, nightwear, and room socks. The comforting touch of Bemberg® ensures that you can wrap yourself in soothing comfort as you drift into a peaceful slumber.

    Beyond innerwear, Bemberg® and its blended fabrics are also ideally suited to lightweight activewear and loungewear. Our innerwear showcase, in addition to presenting eco-friendly versions of traditional innerwear materials that we've developed in the past, also introduces fresh, innovative applications.
    Left Mannequin: A look tailored for urban active style, perfect for light workouts at the gym and the commute there and back.
    Right Mannequin: A hybrid loungewear ensemble designed for work-from-home, suggesting an ideal home office fashion.

    Additionally, as with our sleepwear line, we're striving to expand the reach of Bemberg® applications into every facet of consumers' lifestyles, from shoe insoles and baby pillows to socks.

  4. New Promotions and Collaborations Section

    A. Co Sustainable: Working Together for Sustainability

    Blending sustainable materials with the distinctive touch of Bemberg®, our approach embraces the spirit of minimizing waste by recycling and finding new uses for fabric edges and imperfect C-grade fabrics. By collaborating and thinking collectively, we are blazing a new trail in the world of fashion.

    ・Bemberg® Renewed Yarn:

    • Bemberg® Renewed Yarn
    • Bemberg® Renewed Yarn
    • We are breathing new life into gray fabrics of Bemberg® lining fabrics with minor imperfections (C-grade fabric) by chopping them into fine pieces and processing them through a garnet machine.
      The unraveled threads are blended with unraveled cotton and then spun back into Bemberg® yarn. Through this process, we ensure the materials are continually reused and repurposed.

    ・Bemberg® × Amami Oshima Bemberg® fabric edges, once simply discarded, have found new life as handwoven fabrics in their encounter with the weavers of Amami Oshima, who dye them with natural mud using a traditional art known as Oshima tsumugi. Join Bemberg® in rediscovering one of Japan's rich traditional fabrics. This initiative is a collaborative effort with Tamurakoma & Co., Ltd.
    ・Bemberg® × PLA PLA (polylactic acid) is a plant-derived material crafted from starch found in sugarcane and corn and has been heralded as the synthetic fiber of the future. In combination with Bemberg®, it presents a texture that's both soft and pliable. (A collaboration with Bioworks Corporation)

    ・Bemberg® × Hemp: Hemp is resilient against pests and grows faster than weeds, thereby eliminating the need for pesticides or herbicides. After harvest, it even enhances the soil and possesses natural antibacterial properties. Combination with Bemberg® adds a further touch of suppleness. (A collaboration with Shigaasa Co., Ltd.)

    ・Bemberg® × Paper: Manila hemp, a key ingredient in traditional Japanese paper (washi), is a rapidly growing plant, maturing into a full-grown tree in about six years, even while being harvested. It is known for its lightness, strength, and antibacterial properties that stem from its moisture absorbency and fast-drying properties. Bemberg® softens this material's inherently crisp texture, giving it a unique touch. (A collaboration with Mitasho Co., Ltd.)

    ・Bemberg® × Wool: In many respects, wool mirrors the functional attributes of Bemberg®. Both boast superior moisture-wicking and antistatic properties and are gentle on the skin. From the standpoint of the environment, they are biodegradable in the soil and in the ocean. We have also entered into a collaboration with the Woolmark Company.

    B.Home Laundry: Bemberg® Fabric Made for At-Home Washing

    It's natural to want to care for our favorite garments personally. Introducing the growing range of Bemberg® fabrics that are easy to care for at home.

    • Home Laundry
    • Home Laundry

    ・Garment Dyeing
    Crafted from undyed fabric, then dyed in its finished state, these fabrics offer a freshness reminiscent of freshly washed clothes that you don't find with dyed fabrics. This process ensures minimal shrinkage and allows for stitches that exude a sophisticated yet casual finish.
    A perfect blend of Bemberg® and polyester. Wrinkle-resistant with excellent moisture-wicking properties, these fabrics are also suitable for home washing (by hand or at a hand-wash setting). This evolved fabric can be used for any type of garment and even accommodates pleating. (Maruman, Inc.)

    A washable cellulose material series developed by Stylem Takisada-Osaka Co., Ltd., Section 17. Bemberg® fabrics that once required dry cleaning can now be laundered at home, even in a washing machine. The material retains its wrinkle resistance even after washing. YUSUKA™ is a trademark of Stylem Takisada-Osaka Co., Ltd.
    ・Washable Finishing MVA™
    Even fabrics made with tightly twisted yarns, which traditionally needed dry cleaning, can now be washable. (Tohokuseiren Co., Ltd.)

    C.Special Finishes: The Innovation and Evolution of Traditional Japanese Techniques

    • Special Finishes
    • Special Finishes

    ・Konnyaku Finish
    As the name suggests, this finish coats the raw yarn with a natural and eco-friendly adhesive made from konjac (konnyaku in Japanese). This time-honored technique, which creates a fresh, linen-like texture, has recently started to attract renewed attention. (Yamada Textiles)
    ・Bemberg® 100% Pleating Finish
    Although cellulose fibers traditionally lack heat-setting properties, we have been able to develop a pleating process for Bemberg® 100%, creating a washable fabric that will maintain its delicate texture. (Ozaki Pleats Co., Ltd.)

    ・Herb Fabric A sustainable hybrid dying technique that blends natural dyes with dyes certified as safe and eco-friendly under the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). (Toban Textile Co., Ltd.)
    ・LD (Laundry) Washer Finish Turning Bemberg®'s tendency to wrinkle into a deliberate choice, this unique finish achieves that fresh-out-of-the-wash, naturally wrinkled look-an innovative finish, only from Toban Textile Co., Ltd.

    Itajime Shibori Dye Finish This finish melds traditional Japanese craftsmanship, Bemberg®, and high fashion. In collaboration with renowned Japanese and international brands, this technique has been perfected by Yasumasa Shigeno, an artisan renowned for carrying on the traditional art of Kyo-kanoko shibori, a tie-dying method associated with Kyoto. With roots dating back to the Nara period in the eighth century, this striking method involves folding the fabric, clamping it between wooden boards, and then dyeing it. During this process, the clamped portions resist the dye, which results in the creation of vivid patterns. The encounter between this age-old technique and Bemberg® shines with a renewed aura of distinction. (Mao)

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