Asahi Kasei offers Bemberg™ traceability in the textile industry supply chain through its partnership with TextileGenesis™

In collaboration with TextileGenesis™, Asahi Kasei will introduce the innovative traceability technology of TextileGenesis™ to the world.

TextileGenesis™ uses digital token; Fibercoin™ to track the movement of textile products, enabling the mapping of every step from the fiber production to retail of finished products. This process allows us to trace the journey from the factory to the final retail destination.By digitizing the complex textile value chain as the product takes shape, it is possible to verify origin and understand shipping transactions.The raw material of Bemberg is cotton linter, a byproduct of cottonseed oil production. Asahi Kasei has been actively engaged in working with its Supply Chain to improve transparency. Working with TextileGenesis™ will further enhance this transparency system.

TextileGenesis™ is a pioneering traceability platform customized for the apparel ecosystem. TextileGenesis™ invented Fibercoins™, a digital token that enables material tracking at the product lot level across the entire textile supply chain. It currently partners with more than 75 brands and 8,000 suppliers in 45 countries.

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