Suede ahead

We produce Dinamica trying to apply the principles of the circular economy and
ensuring high standards throughout the entire production cycle.
This is how we have always worked and will continue to work.


From recycled polyester*
we produce a luxury product.

In 1980, Asahi Kasei has started commercial production of
Dinamica a microfiber which resembles suede and is obtained through an innovative process for recycling polyester* and initially used in the furnishings and fashion sectors.

* Recycled fiber content varying depending on the product and application.

About us

Intuition, entrepreneurship, continuous investment in research and development are the drivers that over the
years have enabled us to approach even the most demanding sectors, in particular the automotive sector.






Highly technological.
Exceptionally beautiful.

Dinamica is the microfiber which is produced in part by using recycled polyester and a water-based process.
The manufacturing process used by Dinamica makes it possible to extract fewer virgin raw materials since it uses a part of recycled fibers of waste products.


Aim to make effective use of limited resources by increasing the ratio of recycled polyester fibers used in all three layers as much as possible.

In a nutshell, Dinamica consists of three layers: face, inner scrim and backing.

Submerged in a water solution, the inner scrim attracts small polyester fibers, which are suspended in the liquid, to both surfaces; these are compacted using a water-based needle punching process.

The microfiber is then immersed in a water-based polyurethane bath without using solvents in order to minimize the health and environmental impacts. This process compacts the fibers, making them elastic and resistant.

During the dyeing and finishing stage, the production cycles are optimized and monitored managing the energy consumption at best and minimizing the waste of chemical products and water which is then drained through our purifier and partially re-used.



OEKO-TEX certified



Pleasant all year round






Dinamica is produced under strict quality management. However, in order to maintain its quality longer we recommend daily cleaning and maintenance.
The cleaning product we recommend is the one made by UNITERS Spa.


  • Automotive

    Style and high performance for all sorts of different applications Dinamica microfiber is a versatile material of exceptional quality and performance. In recent years it has become very popular in the automotive industry where it is used by some of the most important car makers in the world.

    In these days in which car makers are focusing on reducing the environmental impact of their vehicles, Dinamica has proven to be the choice that looks to the future and is the perfect material for upholstering the interiors of vehicles. Indeed, Dinamica always guarantees the highest standards throughout the production cycle.

  • Interiors

    The surface texture of microfiber helps to render refined living spaces. The scrim inside makes the material strong and resilient against worn-out and tear, and the short microfibers also minimize the occurrence of pilling, making Dinamica suitable for upholstered furniture applications. The material is also resistant to claw and nail scratches, etc., and is easily cleaned even when stained, so it is recommended for households with small children or four-legged friends.

    Dinamica has been adopted by a wide range of furniture manufactures in Japan, Korea, Europe, and other overseas countries, and is also gaining widespread use by public facilities such as hotels and theaters.

  • Consumer Electronics

    Its high-quality, supple-feeling surface texture allow Dinamica to make wearable accessories luxurious and comfortable. Dinamica has enough stretchability to fit even to the rounded shape. In addition, thanks to the ultra-fine microfibers used in the surface layers, the surface of Dinamica is finely textured and low-slip, highly portable, and fits well to the hand.

  • Apparel

    Its beautiful colors, rich drape, smooth surface, soft touch, and high-quality texture of Dinamica inspire the creativities of designers. Dinamica is lighter than real suede and its unique three-layered microstructure maintains an appropriate level of breathability, making it comfortable and less stuffy. Fashion accessories, fringe, tape, etc., that make use of Dinamica present an elegant texture and a touch of glamor. As a base material also, Dinamica has excellent compatibility with other materials, and can be used for many years owing to its high durability.


Higher proportion of recycled polyester fibers

With a view to always supply cutting-edge microfiber products of the highest quality, we designed products featuring a much higher proportion**** of recycled polyester fibers made from a mixture of industrial waste fibers and clothes (pre-consumer) and plastic bottles (post-consumer) ensuring the usual high levels of technical performance while improving its environmental footprint.
**** Recycled fiber content varying depending on the product and application.



OEKO-TEX ® Standard 100 is globally well known as a safety standard for the assessment of harmful substances for textile. The marked product fulfils the conditions specified in this standard such as the harmful substances which cause negative impact to humans and the environment are under the limit value. Please contact us in detail about certified articles.

Powered by Renewable Energy

It is a certification that proves that virtually 100% of the electricity used in the production of raw materials is derived from renewable energy sources.

*Please contact us for details regarding each certification.


We don’t put limits on creativity.

Be inspired by the colors and find the perfect
Pantone™ number for your project.

Discover our bright Dinamica colors, Thanks to the possibility of personalizing colors, Dinamica can
provide solutions to suit all tastes by covering all the shades of the color scale.


Technology and research are the drivers of innovation and over the years they have both led to experimentation and
the production of unique products,
specially designed to suit our
customers, from their color to their
style. Thanks to their versatility, exceptional performance and the
highest quality, Dinamica microfiber is
the ideal material which can be used to create a wide range of a variety of personalized products and can be
adapted to many different technologies.

  • PERFORATION: laser and punching
  • BAS RELIEF: embossing and electro-welding
  • PRINT: 3D, digital, silk-screen, transfer and laser incision
  • SEAMS : embroidery, quilting and sewing
  • OTHER TYPES OF DECORATION: weaving and plissé