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Lamous is an artificial suede material created with integrated technologies by Asahi Kasei Corporation. With its unique three-layered microstructure composed of ultra fine microfibers and water based polyurethane, Lamous offers a wide range of possibilities.


Highly-selected raw materials

In producing Lamous, Asahi Kasei selects recycled ultra fine microfibers for some of its raw materials, and has pioneered the use of water based polyurethane in the artificial suede industry. We also conduct production management in accordance with European REACH regulations. Lamous is a baby-friendly material for 0-3 years old certified of Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification, class 1. Please contact us in detail about certified articles.

Attractive integrated designs

Lamous in solid color as well as mélange designs that add an effective accent to the product. A free range of colors is available, from light to deep colors. All shades are finished beautifully and in even quality.

Unlimited material development (customization)

The unique three-layered microstructure of Lamous allows free combinations of the materials (ultrafine microfibers and scrim), and enables product development that fulfills the needs of customers through designs and the addition of functionality.

Smooth texture

Ultra fine microfibers entangled in high density gives the luxury surface, and high-quality texture inspire the creative mind of designers.

Light and strong

Lamous artificial suede is lighter than real suede, and the scrim(a special woven fabric) inside the material gives its superior strength.

Reliable quality

The Lamous unique wet-forming production process enables even thickness of Lamous. Because the scrim (a special woven fabric) layer enables making the material easy to process. Asahi Kasei manufactures Lamous at its ISO9001-certified plant in Japan, and implements thorough quality control management.

Easy care and easy clean

Lamous can be washed and dry cleaned. Daily care like brushing the surface softly keeps it clean. See care instructions.

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Lamous™ is a trademark of Asahi Kasei Corporation.