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Unique three-layered microstructure-where quality and advantages begin

Lamous is composed of a three-layered microstructure; front, core and back. The front and back layers consist of three-dimensionally entangled polyester ultra fine microfibers (roughly 1/18 the thickness of hair). The core layer is composed of a fine, specially-woven fabric called "scrim," which improves strength and dimensional stability. Impregnation with water-based polyurethane in the spaces between the ultra fine microfibers imparts a soft and highly flexible texture. This unique three-layered microstructure enables Lamous to meet various kinds of customer requirements and create a wide variety of designs and fields of application.

Comparative micrograph of Lamous microfibers

  • Image:Lamous ultra fine microfibersLamous ultra fine microfibers
  • Image:Human hairsHuman hairs

Micrograph of Lamous cross-section

Image:Micrograph of Lamous cross-section

Advantage of Lamous unique three-layered microstructure

Image:Advantage of Lamous unique three-layered microstructure

AFront layer
Attractive integrated designs
Beautiful colors
Mélange (by mixing multiple ultra fine microfibers)
Smooth texture
Pilling-less (by short ultra fine microfibers)
BCore layer
Excellent dimensional stability
Wrinkleless when molded, especially for upholstery
Distinguished physical strength
Scratch resistance of dog/cat claws
Additional functionality by scrim development
Stretch, etc
CBack layer
Additional functionality by using special microfibers
fire retardancy, anti-static, etc
Lamous material development has unlimited potential possibilities.

Through various combinations of the ultra fine microfibers and scrim used in the unique three-layered microstructure, it is possible to impart a variety of functionality and designs. Utilizing the excellent material development capabilities of Lamous, we can cater to a diverse range of customer requirements.

It is also possible to add various designs and improve functionality, such as water repellency, fire retardancy, and anti-static property through post-processing techniques.

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