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The surface texture of ultra fine microfiber helps to render refined living spaces. The scrim inside makes the material strong and resilient against worn-out and tear, and the short ultra fine microfibers also minimize the occurrence of pilling, making Lamous suitable for upholstered furniture applications. The material is also resistant to claw and nail scratches, etc., and is easily cleaned even when stained, so it is recommended for households with small children or pets.

Lamous has been adopted by a wide range of furniture manufactures in Japan, Europe and other overseas countries, and is also gaining widespread use by public facilities(contract manufactures) such as hotels and theaters.

Used in

Home applications
Upholstery (chairs and sofas), cushion covers, curtains/draperies, bed spreads, pertitions, etc.
Public applications
Hotels, theaters, high-rise apartment buildings, offices (chairs and partitions), hospitals (chairs and sofas), pertitions, etc.

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