OK biodegradable MARINE for Bemberg™ Filament

What is Bemberg™ ?

Bemberg™ is a brand of cupro fiber, a recycled cellulose fiber made from cotton linter.
In February 2022, we obtained the international certification "OK biodegradable MARINE," which certifies the biodegradability in the marine environments of Bemberg™ filament.

What is "OK biodegradable MARINE" ?


"OK biodegradable MARINE" is an international certification by TUVAUSTRIA, a European certification body for biodegradable products, certifying biodegradability in the marine environments. So far, Bemberg™ has been certified as biodegradable in soil by our R&D Laboratory and the Italian certification authority.
The newly acquired "OK biodegradable MARINE" certification proves that Bemberg™ filament is biodegradable and safe for the growth of marine organisms, even in marine environments where microorganisms are scarce and biodegradation is difficult.

Biodegradation of Bemberg™ in the marine environments.

  • 0 week

  • 3 weeks

  • 5 weeks

Photos taken in our laboratory under seawater (30℃ and oxygen/nutrient supply conditions).

Marine Biodegradability and Sustainability

Today in the world, various changes are required to realize a sustainable society on the earth.
Having obtained OK biodegradable MARINE certification for Bemberg™ continuous filament, Asahi Kasei will promote Bemberg™ as a material that can help solving the serious issue of marine microplastics from the perspective of the entire supply chain as well as finished garments.


A time-lapse video of the marine biodegradability test is available on YouTube.