Leukocyte depletion

Leukocyte depletion (LD)

Reduction of leukocytes from blood.

Leukocyte reduction / leukoreduction (LR)

Reduction of white blood cells from products in order to prevent certain transfusion reactions such as fever, chills, and alloimmunization.

Leukocyte-reduced blood components

Prevent transfusion reactions caused by white blood cells contaminating red blood cell and platelet preparations and may reduce the likelihood of certain infections.


Leukocyte poor red cells


Leukocyte reduction / leukoreduction


Leukocyte that directs the formation of antibodies, and that is responsible for immunological memory.

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Abnormally large red blood cell found in liver disease and megaloblastic and pernicious anemia.

Mannitol adenine phosphate (MAP)

Preservative solution for red blood cells containing sodium chloride, adenine, glucose, mannitol, citric acid, sodium citrate and phosphoric acid hydrogen sodium.


Mannitol adenine phosphate


Abnormally small red blood cell.

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Nucleic acid amplification test

New variant Creutzfeldt Jakob disease (nvCJD)

A new variation of CJD that initially presents itself with psychiatric symptoms at a much younger age, on average 28 years old, than traditional CJD. The disease always leads to death and runs its course in about 18 months.


Efnon-hemolytic febrile transfusion reaction

Non-hemolytic febrile transfusion reaction (NHFTR)

A transfusion complication defined as a rise in temperature by one degree Celsius or more during or within 24 hours of the completion of a blood transfusion.

Nucleic acid amplification test (NAT)

NAT testing is expected to further reduce transfusion-associated transmission of HIV, HBV and HCV. This type of testing will be the most manually intensive, most complex and expensive testing ever undertaken to screen the blood supply.


New variant Creutzfeldt Jakob disease

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