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Potable Water
Wastewater / Sewage
Chemical Industry
Power Plants
Automotive / Industrial
Pharmaceutical and Food (2)

Field of Use
Asahi Kasei hollow fiber Microza membrane filters are employed in water treatment and for separation and purification in a variety of industries including electronics, municipal water, wastewater, power generation, automotive, pharmaceutical, food, chemical, and environment related fields. As a most advanced hollow fiber membrane filtration technology, Microza products are contributing to environmental protection and energy conservation in a global market.
Ultrapure Water purified to extreme low particle levels is indispensable in the manufacture of semiconductors. Microza has become a global standard for production of ultrapure water and is also widely used in semiconductor wastewater recovery.
Power Plants
Microza has been deployed at nuclear power plants where large volumes of purified recycled water is required with the iron particulates exposed to radiation removed. Increasingly, Microza is also being used in fossil fuel power plants for purification of makeup and recycle discharge water.
Potable Water
In portable water treatment plants, filtration employing membranes is rapidly replacing traditional coagulation and sedimentation filtration, in part due to a membrane system's inherent smaller footprint. Microza systems are installed at a large number of potable water treatment plants throughout the world and are receiving high ratings from users.
Automotive / Industrial
Microza systems are used in electrodeposition painting production lines in the automotive, home appliance, construction material, and construction equipment industries, and for many other products. These Microza systems reduce production costs and reduce the environmental impact from electrodeposition painting processes. Microza is receiving the highest rating in these applications.
Wastewater / Sewage
Recovery of wastewater is important for environmental protection and water conservation. Microza has been installed at a large leisure park and at industrial plants to efficiently clarify sewage and factory wastewater for recycling.
Pharmaceutical and Food
In pharmaceutical and food industries, Microza is used to remove impurities in the manufacture of raw materials for biotechnology. Microza is widely used for enzyme concentration, antibiotic manufacture, and for production of water for injection (WFI) and highly purified water.
Chemical Industry
In production processes for photographic materials and copy inks, Microza systems are being used to efficiently remove low molecular weight constituents from raw material solutions containing fine and highly dispersed particles. Microza competes with traditional decanting processes, and is being widely deployed in an increasing number of raw material manufacturing processes.
With unique technology and extensive experience,
we are making a contribution to society via our high quality products.
Advanced Research and Development Organization
Highest priority and effort are placed on research and development to create globally recognized Microza based products, capabilities, and technology. Our highly specialized research and development organizations work around the clock to develop and improve our product materials, hardware, and software technology. These include our:

Microza Research & Development Dept.
Microza & Water Prosessing System Technology Dept.
Product Development Laboratory
Asahikasei Corporation Analysis & Simulation Center

Comprehensive Production Facilities
Microza is manufactured at our Fuji City facility, which is recognized as an environmentally friendly, high productivity facility with strict policies for safety. An additional production facility is to be established in China in anticipation of rapid growth in the water clarification market . Our production capabilities will assure a reliable high volume supply of quality products.

Unequaled Succession of References
Microza is highly recognized for its quality and supply capability, and has an unequaled succession of references. Growth of installations in Japan in manufacturing processes for microchips, chemicals, automobiles, pharmaceuticals, food, and other industries is unequaled by competitive UF and MF hollow fiber membrane suppliers. Microza is also continually expanding overseas market share in large volume municipal drinking water, wastewater, sewage treatment, and power generation water processing.
1.Quality Control
Microza is manufactured in a controlled environment with strict adherence to quality control procedures that closely monitor membrane, material, parts and assembly, and inspection. We endeavor to consistently provide the highest quality products to our customers.

We maintain a staff of specialists who can respond quickly and accurately to provide solutions to our customers' needs and problems. This may range from general consulting to answering questions and providing advice on products and systems.

3.After-sale Service
We provide after-sale service directly to customers employing our systems, or indirectly through architect / engineering (A&E) firms. We strive to continually improve our "support and service" organization.