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Potable Water
Wastewater / Sewage
Chemical Industry
Power Plants
Automotive / Industrial
Pharmaceutical and Food (2)

Examples of actual Microza deployment are illustrated with typical types of module used and flow diagrams in the below application page links.
Ultrapure water production
Si Back Grinding / Dicing wastewater
Glass Grinding / Cutting/Polishing wastewater
CMP wastewater
Pretreatment for RO system
Organic wastewater
Potable water
Production of municipal drinking water
Removal of cryptosporidium in municipal drinking water
Reuse of water from sewage (treatment of secondary effluent)
Pretreatment for seawater desalination
Wastewater / Sewage
Clarification and recovery of industrial sewage and wastewater

Revitalization of Water in Singapore !
In China, Microza MBR adopted to one of the largest MBR systems in the world (at the time of commissioning) for the treatment of wastewater from refinery and chemical plants.
Chemical Industry
Desalting, purification, and concentration of inorganic colloids
Desalting and purification of latex emulsions
Power Plants
Makeup water purification
Condensate water treatment
Automotive / Industrial
Production of pyrogen and bacteria free water
Drug manufacturing: removal of pyrogens
Fruit juice clarification
Gelatin concentration
Protein removal from honey
Bacteria and protein removal from extracts
Protein removal from peptides
Replacement for diatomaceous earth (DE) filtration