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Microza systems are used in electrodeposition painting production lines in the automotive, home appliance, construction material, and construction equipment industries, and for many other products. These Microza systems reduce production costs and reduce the environmental impact from electrodeposition painting processes. Microza is receiving the highest rating in these applications.
UF Modules & System: Optimum membrane composition structure for performance, efficiency, and durability.
Cationic electrodeposition is the painting process of choice for a large and growing number of industrial applications ranging from automobiles, electrical equipment and electronic products to construction equipment and materials. It is a fast developing field, marked by rapid improvements in process performance and efficiency.
The UF system is a key component of the electrodeposition painting process. It permits the recycling of rinse solutions and eliminates contaminating ions and other small molecules from the cationic paint. UF systems significantly reduce painting costs, waste generation, pollution, and helps ensure high, and uniform painting quality.
UF systems from Asahi Kasei incorporate the high performance, efficiency, and stability of Microza UF modules. These systems are contributing to the continuing development and growth of the cationic electrodeposition painting industry.
Automatic Maintenance-free Operation
High Permeate Rate
Flux Stability
Ease of Operation
Operational Safety - Automated Shutdown
Compact, Reliable, and Energy-Efficient
Small-volume, once-through (open loop) type
Large-volume, feed and bleed circulation (closed loop) type
Compact size and high permeate flux rates with hollow-fiber membranes developed specifically for the electrodeposition painting process.

Use of hollow fiber membrane with robust structure facilitates reverse filtration using UF permeate.
Primary Benefits
Recovery and return of paint to paint bath
Minimized water consumption
Minimized effluent discharge
Enhanced control of paint bath composition
Excellent quality of paint film
Reduced painting cost
Reduced pollution

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