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Laboratory Scale Module characteristics
The Lab Scale Modules are primarily used for testing prior to deployment of production scale modules.
Lab Scale Modules are available that correspond with all production modules.
The lab scale module will provide engineering data with small feed solution volumes. These include solution compatibility, separation capacity, flux, optimal operating conditions, and suitable cleaning protocols.
Laboratory tests are typically conducted prior to installing a production system.
When solution volumes are limited, pencil modules may be used for laboratory beaker scale testing.
For large production systems, pilot testing system may be practical.
Pharmaceutical / Fermentation / Food Applications
Enzymes and Proteins: purification and concentration
Pharmaceutical raw materials
Brewed products (sake, vinegar, soy sauce): protein and suspended solids removal
Fruit Juices and Extracts: protein and suspended solid removal
Pyrogen Free Water and Aseptic Water production
Diatomaceous Earth (DE) filter and centrifuge replacement
Fermentation processes: bacteria removal and purification
Cell harvesting and cell washing: concentration and purification
Food processing: bacteria removal and clarification
Aqueous solutions: valuable constituent recovery
General Industry Applications (other)
Chemical production processes water: purification
Inorganic colloids, sol, gels: purification and concentration
Organic emulsions: purification and concentration
Glass, Ceramic, Silicon: grinding wastewater treatment
Oily wastewater: wastewater treatment
Secondary Effluent treatment
Aqueous solutions: valuable constituent recovery
Lab Module System

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