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Potable Water
Wastewater / Sewage
Chemical Industry
Power Plants
Automotive / Industrial
Pharmaceutical and Food (2)

Suitable for separation, purification and concentration of laboratory beaker scale samples
Perform Laboratory Experiments with Small Volume Samples
Enables determination of separation performance and a convenient means for selecting the appropriate membrane for each application.
Enables obtaining valuable filtration performance vs. time data to enable appropriate membrane selection.
Large Selection of Modules
An extensive lineup of Pencil scale modules to with duplicate most of Asahi's production scale UF and MF module membranes.
In order to accommodate a large variety of feed solutions and applications, Asahi Kasei offers an extensive selection of modules with a variety of membrane materials, molecular weight cut-offs, pore sizes, and membrane fiber diameters.
Cross-Flow Filtration
Unlike dead-end filration, passing the feed solution over the inner membrane surface prevents suspended solids from accumulating on the membrane surface and provides for stable filtration performance.
Precise Separation Characteristics (MF)
Proprietary Asahi Kasei technology enables manufacture of membranes with a sharp pore size distribution.
Double Skin Structure (UF)
Both the inner and outer surfaces of the hollow fiber membrane have an ultrafiltration membrane skin layer. This construction makes for a significantly more robust and durable membrane for filtering a variety of feed solutions.
Pharmaceutical / Fermentation / Food Applications
Enzymes and Proteins: purification and concentration
Pharmaceutical raw materials
Brewed products (sake, vinegar, soy sauce): protein and suspended solids removal
Fruit Juices and Extracts: protein and suspended solid removal
Pyrogen Free Water and Aseptic Water production
Diatomaceous Earth (DE) filter and centrifuge replacement
Fermentation processes: bacteria removal and purification
Cell harvesting and cell washing: concentration and purification
Food processing: bacteria removal and clarification
Aqueous solutions: valuable constituent recovery
General Industry Applications (other)
Chemical production process water: purification
Inorganic colloids, sol, gels: purification and concentration
Organic emulsions: purification and concentration
Glass, Ceramic, Silicon: grinding wastewater treatment
Oily wastewater: wastewater treatment
Secondary Effluent treatment
Aqueous solutions: valuable constituent recovery
Typical System Schematic
Typical equipment example
Feed Pump
Type: Peristaltic pump
Flow : 1l/min 10mH
Electrical power: 120 volt
Pressure indicator
Pressure gauge range: 0 - 0.2 MPa
Maximum system pressure: 0.1 MPa
Material: Silicon/Teflon/Polyethylene/EPDM
Type: Manual valve
(ex. Needle valve - Straight type)

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