Features of Bemberg lining

Introducing functionality : Anti-static

Anti-static controls problems with static electricity

Static electricity is generated when two materials touch and rub against each other, and it is particularly likely to develop when the air is dry.
Bemberg quickly releases any static into the air because the individual fibers are capable of absorbing a lot of moisture (due to high moisture regain).
The problems associated with static electricity such as uncomfortable clinging, popping noises when taking off or putting on a garment, or dust adhering to the garment are practically absent with a Bemberg lining.

〈Static electricity and attenuation〉

Static electricity and attenuation

When wearing a garment with a Bemberg lining, there is no clinging because there is little electrostatic potential in the garment.

* Research by Asahi Kasei

〈The relationship between clinging and friction-charged electrification voltage in a garment〉

Electrostatic potential in garments: Measured electrostatic potential of the lining after 10-minute walk wearing wool skirts with different types of lining in an environment of 20ºC/40%RH.

* Research by Asahi Kasei

〈Determining grade of clinginess〉

Image:Determining grade of clinginess Bemberg
Image:Determining grade of clinginess Anti-static polyester

How easily static builds up differs depending on the combination of fabrics worn.  We compared Bemberg with polyester linings to see how easily static builds up when the lining rubs against wool, a typical outer fabric.

〈Comparison of electrostatic potential for wool (outer fabric) with different types of lining (taffeta) 〉

Comparison of electrostatic potential for wool (outer fabric) with different types of lining (taffeta)

* Research by Asahi Kasei

Compared to polyester, Bemberg is able to control the static buildup in the outer wool fabric.  As a result, little dust adheres to the outer material.

〈 Dust adhesion test (comparing dust adhesion on the outer wool fabric)〉

Image:Dust adhesion test (comparing dust adhesion on the outer wool fabric)

After rubbing different combinations of wool test pieces and linings, the fabric was held one centimeter above the dust to show how dust adheres to the wool fabric.

→ Please see “Some common misconceptions about linings.”

Movie:Most of outerwear is made of Wool; which easily causes static electricity
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