Features of Bemberg lining

Why do we need a lining?

Smooth and gentle on the skin

A lining makes it easy to put on and take off a garment without any constraint on the movement.  The lining must feel gentle even in direct contact with the skin.


Shows off the silhouette beautifully

A lining maintains the drape of the outer fabric, creating a beautiful silhouette.


Prevents damage and keeps clothes clean

Clothes do not stain only on the outside.  Body soil may transfer to the outer fabric, causing yellow stains.  A lining protects the outer fabric, and it also maintains the silhouette of the garment.


Wear with sheer garments

A lining serves as an undergarment to prevent lingerie from showing.


Keeps away the clammy
and sticky feel of summer

Recently, people wear summer jackets with no lining.  However, a garment with a lining can often keep the clamminess away.  Depending on the type and material of the lining, the differences can be significant.


From winter to spring with less static

Static electricity builds up more easily from winter to spring when there is less humidity in the air.  Static electricity may even have an impact on health, so anti-static is one of the most important functions of a lining.

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