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ROICA for Compression Wear

Compression Wear is attracting attention for its effects on body functions and motor functions by applying compression and pressure with fabric. Polyurethane fiber is essential for this type of product.
ROICA not only provides it with the necessary elasticity but also adds various functionalities to fabric.

ROICA™ for Compression Wear

Sports leggings and sports tights

For seamless or cut and sewn leggings that offer various compression levels in stages from the ankle to the thigh.
The use of ROICA HS makes even strong compression fabric easy to put on and off, and allows smooth movement with no feeling of stiffness.
Excellent movement pursuit property that stretches the fabric smoothly according to the movement of the skin, preventing the waistband from sliding down and the hemline from coming up.
ROICA DS that can be dyed with acid dyes reduces glare, which stands out in dark colors such as black, and improves product quality.

Compression Socks

Compression socks that reduce swelling and fatigue in the feet. Suitable for playing sports, traveling and working which requires long-hours standing posture.
The use of ROICA CF reduces annoying feet odor.

Sports underwear that achieves a proper balance.

For tops that produce a proper balance in the shoulder blades, making it easy to move the arms while running and to balance swing for golf players.
The use of ROICA HPreduces the damage to spandex at the dyeing stage of polyester-mixed fabric that is popular for sportswear.
For improved mobility of the wearer, ROICA HS is recommended because it stretches smoothly with little force.

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ROICA™ Updates
ROICA Updates

ROICA is a trademark of Asahi Kasei Corporation for spandex / elastane fiber.