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The Stretch Answer

The ROICA™ spandex is a premium stretch yarn with excellent stretch and recovery properties based on Asahi Kasei Fibers' polymer science. Supported by solid technology and high quality, it is a progressed spandex with superior functionality that provides the right response to diverse customer needs. All answers to stretch materials are found here.

Offering high functional yarns

ROICA has a broad array of functional fiber variations to meet diverse customers' needs.

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Global operation

ROICA is produced at and supplied from six locations around the world, such as Asia, Europe.

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Application highlights

CompressionWith clothing pressure that produces positive effect on physical functions, compression clothing is now attracting attention. ROICA perfectly matches different functions.

ROICA News Letter

ROICA News Letter

ROICA News Letter

ROICA Updates'ROICA Updates' provide the very latest infomation on ROICA products.


ROICA & DORLASTAN will be present in Premiere Vision New York(2014,July,22-23.)at C.L.A.S.S. Stand (No.A85)
Location: Pier 92 711 12th. Avenue(at 55th.street), New York, NY 10019