What is ROICA™?

ROICA is Premium Stretch Fiber.

ROICA is Premium Stretch Fiber with superior functionality that provides right response to various customers’ needs.
The ROICA has excellent stretch and recovery based on Asahi Kasei polymer science.
Supported by solid technology and high quality, ROICA answers diverse needs.

The ROICA™ Modern Wardrobe

The ROICA Modarn Wardrobe is a personal management solution for everyone, everyday, showing how quality creative materials can change how we think about our clothes. Today, everything has to works smarter. everything from the foundation of intimates to your best jacket: from jersey dressing to easy loungewear, and from essentials like hosiery, to active sportswear.
All this is in The Modern Wardrobe.
Look inside! From special to everyday favorites,these are your best choices that make you look and feel briliant, and keep their looks for longer. It's what's inside them makes the difference!
ROICA is the secret ingredient, an advanced stretch that works inside your clothes to improve and refine everything, giving pleasure, quality and confidence everyday, The Modern Wardrobe defines blocks right makes all the difference.

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Difference from rubber

ROICA is more stretchable than rubber as its tensile strength is several times that of rubber.
It is lighter than rubber. It can be produced in a wider range of denier, including the very fine and coarse deniers which is difficult to produce from rubber.
ROICA is available from 8 dt to 1870 dt.
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According to Japan’s Household Goods Quality Labeling Act, ROICA is indicated as “polyurethane elastic fiber.” In labeling for clothing, it is indicated as “polyurethane.” It can be called “spandex” in the United States and “elastan fiber” in Europe and other regions.

Manufacturing Method

Dry spinning is common worldwide. ROICA is also manufactured by dry spinning in Japan, Europe, and other locations.

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ROICA™ Updates
ROICA Updates

ROICA is a trademark of Asahi Kasei Corporation for spandex / elastane fiber.