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CEO Message

Driving Global Growth of the Asahi Kasei Group

Since our founding, Asahi Kasei has provided new value to meet the needs of society. Our role and mission is to deliver products, systems and services to people who need them around the world. The importance of this continues to rise along with striking progress in medical technology, increased longevity, lifestyle diversification, and emerging market growth.

Medical enterprises are at the core of the Asahi Kasei Group’s growth strategy for the future. Everyone desires a healthy and affluent society that provides fair access to healthcare of a high standard. To help achieve those desires, we are developing new medical enterprises by leveraging our vast expertise and resources, bringing together our core technologies, research and development, manufacturing prowess and capital strength.

We are advancing sophisticated synergy of our knowledge and technology in the fields of science, mechanical engineering and medicine with our core separation technologies using membranes, filters and adsorbents. By accomplishing this, we aim to deliver what is needed, where people need it, as quickly as possible, while assuring greater peace of mind.

In the 21st century, we will need to expand the scale and accelerate the speed of our business in order to raise global medical standards and shrink the healthcare gap. Asahi Kasei’s medical enterprises will apply the comprehensive resources of the Asahi Kasei Group to respond boldly and rapidly to this challenge.

Shugo Sumiyoshi
President and CEO
Asahi Kasei Medical Co., Ltd.

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