What is “Wiper for Aviation”?


Wiper for Aviation are produced from Bemliese,the 100% pure “cupro” cellulosic nonwoven derived from cotton linter-the fine,downlike fiber that naturally protects and cushions the seed of the cotton plant.
Cotton linter from around the world is transformed to pure cellulosic nonwoven sheets in an integrated process unique to the Bemliese plant of Asahi Kasei.
An ISO 9001 certified production facility located at Nobeoka City in Japan.

The production process

1. Linter refining
Multistage refining and purification of the cotton linter by steaming and filtration.
2. Linter dissolution
Highly purified linter dissolved in a fine, pure, specially formulated spinning solution.
3. Filament spinning
Extrusion of the spinning solution from multi-orifice dies, to obtain multiple continuous filaments
4. Nonwoven sheet formation
Layering of the mutually self-bonding continuous filaments onto a mesh conveyor, to obtain nonwoven sheet.
5. Rinsing, drying, roll winding
Mesh conveyor transport of the nonwoven sheet through water rinse and thermal drying, followed by take-up and roll winding.

The result is the fine, pure Bemliese nonwoven fabric, produced and processed in a clean plant environment, with
a broad range of fabric patterns for optimal performance in specific fields of application.

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Bemliese™ is a trademark of Asahi Kasei Corporation.