Abekichi Co., Ltd.

ADDRESS:2-5-17 Chuo, Yonezawa City, Yamagata Prefecture

Company Profile

Established in 1905, the company champions an ethos of innovation, progress, quality, and trust. As a historic weaver of Yonezawa textiles, Abekichi continues the tradition of crafting fabrics for Japanese traditional formalwear, Hakama. Their primary contemporary products lie in the arena of women's fashion, focusing on jacquard textiles made predominantly out of silk, but also other natural fibers such as cotton, linen and wool. Both highly evaluated from domestic and international brands, with their offerings particularly esteemed in the production of formalwear. Catering to both yarn-dyeing and piece-dyeing techniques, they accommodate diverse and small-size production needs with quick delivery. Engaging closely with their clients from the fabric planning stage, they ensure meticulous discussions until the product provides the utmost satisfaction.

Business Content

Abekichi is engaged in textile manufacturing.
Their equipment inventory includes 2 electronic jacquard machines, 6 double-width jacquard machines, 14 single-width jacquard machines, 4 dobby looms, 1 narrow electronic jacquard machine, 8 narrow looms, and 1 warping machine.

Product Introduction

Their expertise lies in creating fine-count, high-density jacquard textiles, especially for formalwear. Although primarily focused on natural fibers, they also handle synthetic fibers such as Bemberg™, polyester, rayon and triacetate, providing a broad spectrum of solutions that accommodate both yarn-dyeing and piece-dyeing processes.

Manufacturing Process

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