We share a sense of values with our partner around the world who demand Bemberg quality,
and promote product development and environmentally-conscious technological innovation that take advantage of the unique character of each region.

Production areas of textile and yarns for apparel textile

There are diverse production areas in Japan and other countries.

Hokuriku, Bishu, Bingo, and East Japan

Hokuriku (Fukui, Ishikawa and Toyama): Areas that excel in the production of filaments (synthetic & cellurosic fibers)
Bishu (Aichi and Gifu): Areas that excel in the production of spun yarns (especially animal fiber)
Bingo (Hiroshima and Okayama): Center of denim (indigo) production
East Japan (Yamagata, Niigata, Gunma, and Yamanashi): Areas that excel in the production of yarn-dyed jacquard textiles
Based on the distinctive characteristics of each production area, we make daily development efforts with the aim of creating optimal products.

Europe, North America, South Asia and East Asia

At the top of overseas production areas is Europe, where the latest trends are set. We are expanding the production areas to other regions, including East Asia, which is our major manufacturing base, and South-East Asia, which has been growing increasingly influential in recent years.