Shimomura Co., Ltd.

ADDRESS:5-3-35 Tochiohara-cho, Nagaoka City, Niigata Prefecture

Company Profile

The company was established in Ishikawa Prefecture in 2002 and expanded by opening a branch in Niigata in 2014. Known for its dual capabilities in yarn processing and textile manufacturing, the company is dedicated to its unique production approach. Their particular focus is on yarn creation, leveraging their proprietary techniques to produce unparalleled textiles. A hallmark of their operation is the capacity to oversee the entire production process in-house.

Business Content

They are involved in the planning and selling of textile products including yarn-processing and weaving.
Among the equipment at their Niigata facility are 7 texturing machines, 86 twisting machines, 4 warping machines and 79 looms.

Product Introduction

Shimomura combines the gentle and comfortable features of Bemberg™ fibers with a variety of other yarns to create distinctive materials that showcase varied textures and expressive nuances not found elsewhere.

Manufacturing Process

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