Kobatou Textile Co., Ltd.

ADDRESS:1-4-29 Nakamachi, Kiryu City, Gunma Prefecture

Company Profile

Established on December 5, 1950, they have established themselves as a manufacturer of sophisticated fabrics specializing in jacquard and dobby weaves for both men's and women's apparel. Their expertise shines in producing high-quality fabrics using different composite materials.
With their expansive collection of over 40,000 swatches and advanced jacquard design software, Kobatou is able to create intricate and diverse woven patterns. Their facilities house 3 large-scale electronic jacquard looms, each with 4800 hooks, enabling them to produce jacquard fabrics with extensive repeating patterns of up to 60 centimeters in length. These textiles are versatile and ideal for apparel, interior décor and traditional Japanese kimono sashes(obi).
All their looms are equipped with electronic jacquards, ensuring precision and quality. In addition to their in-house production, they've fostered collaborations with more than ten associate factories, giving them the capability to produce up to 50,000 meters of fabric monthly (at a density of 110 picks per inch).
Kobatou caters to orders of all sizes, from extensive 100 pieces orders to smaller batches.
They operate exclusively on a made-to-order basis and generally do not maintain stocks of greige goods. However, thanks to their integrated management from pattern creation to weaving, they can offer quick delivery, with the ability to fulfill orders up to approximately 500 meters (at 110 picks per inch) within 30 days.

Business Content

Textile manufacturing.
Equipment: Kayaba Industries GP-2001 Jacquard Design System (1 unit), Orisou GP-2003 Jacquard Design System (1 unit), Tsudakoma FREX Rapier 6C (2 units), Tsudakoma ZAX9100 Air 6C (2 units), Tsudakoma FR001 Rapier 6C (8 units), Tsudakoma R100 Rapier 6C (6 units), Tsudakoma R200 Rapier 6C (6 units), Dornier Rapier (2 units), among others.

Product Introduction

H-410: A naturally finished fabric using Bemberg™ yarn-dyed for the weft.
M-2516: A cut jacquard based on a crepe fabric made with Bemberg™ and cotton. This is a style that has come back around, giving it a contemporary feel.
H-415:An interesting fabric that incorporates the uncut portion of cut jacquard into a reversible figured double weave made of Bemberg™ and acetate.
H-327: A cut jacquard made from nylon and Bemberg™. Its detailed design elevates the appeal of the fabric combined with the refined sheen and softness of Bemberg™ staple fiber.

Manufacturing Process

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