Maruman Inc.

ADDRESS:405 Nishiwaki, Nishiwaki City, Hyogo Prefecture

Company Profile

Established in 1901, the company began operations with 400 Jacquard looms and an integrated sewing factory. Based in a region that emerged as a center of cotton production, recently the company has moved beyond cotton, expanding its portfolio to include various materials such as Bemberg™ and polyester.
Two years ago they introduced their proprietary composite yarn, Curecell™ which they have promoted as a washable fabric using Bemberg™ yarn. Since then this innovative product has received acclaim from select boutiques.

Business Content

Manufacture of yarn-dyed and piece-dyed textiles, fiber and textile products.

Product Introduction

A composite material of cotton and Bemberg™. Their unique composite yarn Curecell™, also available in an environmentally friendly version.

Manufacturing Process

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