Fukui Tateami Co., Ltd.

ADDRESS:3-519-3 Nishi Kaihatsu, Fukui City, Fukui Prefecture

Company Profile

Established on June 16, 1944, the company has cultivated its knitting expertise for over seven decades, enabling them to meet the various needs of their customers and now boasts the top share in Japan’s domestic warp knitting industry. More recently, they have also ventured into the medical sector, becoming the first domestic textile manufacturer to acquire ISO13485:2016 certification (a standard for medical device quality management systems). On May 27, 2019, they initiated the world's first clinical trials for an “extensible cardiac & vascular repair patch,” an innovative project that inspired the new technology featured in the popular novel Shitamachi Rocketto 2: Gaudi keikaku [Downtown Rocket 2: The Gaudi Project] by Jun Ikeido (Shogakukan, 2015). Furthermore, they continue to expand their horizons, as in their collaboration in the joint development of the fabric used in the jerseys worn by the forwards on Japan’s national rugby team in the 2019 Rugby World Cup.

Business Content

Manufacturing of warp-knitted fabrics.
Applications: For women's and men's outerwear, car seats, swimsuits, linings, sportswear and more.
Equipment: 54 tricot knitting machines (including 2 for trial knitting), 4 double-raschel knitting machines, 11 warping machines and 2 partial warping machines.

Product Introduction

Warp knitting delivers a superior texture and optimal fit. Compared to weft or circular knitting techniques, a single warp-knitting machine can produce an extensive range of patterns and fabric thicknesses, ranging from lightweight to heavyweight.

Manufacturing Process

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