Tanaka Textile Co., Ltd.

ADDRESS:1507 Kida-cho, Fukui City, Fukui Prefecture

Company Profile

Since its inception in 1963, Tanaka Textile has operated for over 55 years as a regional textile converter in Fukui Prefecture.
Their core business revolves around the three pillars of fashion outerwear focused on Bemberg™, Middle Eastern traditional clothing made with polyester, and polyester-based industrial materials.
Embracing the motto “Time is money,” they collaborate closely with their group affiliate, Hokuriku Seisen Co., Ltd., dedicating their efforts day and night to developing original products and creating systems to enable their quick delivery to market.

Business Content

Textile wholesaling, with Hokuriku Seisen Co., Ltd. as a group affiliate.

Product Introduction

Holding an unwavering commitment to Bemberg™ materials, Tanaka Textile consistently delivers fabrics that echo current trends, ranging from 100% Bemberg™ classics to inventive blends with polyester, traditional Japanese paper and other materials to yarn-dyed 100% Bemberg™ fabrics.
Lately, they have been infusing innovation into post-processing and yarn twisting, enhancing the already superior comfort of Bemberg™ with easy-care features like wrinkle resistance, striving for the perfect blend of style and convenience.

Manufacturing Process

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