Miyata WF Co., Ltd.

ADDRESS:15 Owaki, Josuiji, Ichinomiya City, Aichi Prefecture

Company Profile

Located in Ichinomiya City (Bishu district), Miyata WF Co., Ltd. is a textile converter specializing in both woven and circular knitted fabrics. Founded in 1954 by the current chairman, Masaomi Miyata, the company began production with the introduction of circular knitting machines in 1964. Although primarily focused on domestic sales, they embarked on exports in the 1990s and began participating in international exhibitions, such as Première Vision, in the 2000s.
With a diverse range of circular knitting machines, ranging from 8G to 40G, the company prides itself on offering an extensive product lineup based on its versatile machinery.

Business Content

Manufacturing and sales of circular knit fabrics, with 181 circular knitting machines.

Product Introduction

While specializing in wool-based materials, Miyata WF Co., Ltd. also handles knitted fabrics of mixed compositions using spun and filament yarns, offering a wide range from plain to jacquard designs, finished with both yarn-dyed and piece-dyed techniques.

Manufacturing Process

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