Mitasho Co., Ltd.

ADDRESS:1-273-3 Aioimachi, Kiryu City, Gunma Prefecture

Company Profile

Drawing on traditional techniques like pattern weaving and multi-layer weaving, they skillfully utilize a range of threads for crafting fabrics from natural to synthetic fibers including processing after dyeing, that meet contemporary needs.
Moreover, their in-house fabric washing facility specializes in the treatment of textiles, boasting unique expertise in the process of fulling of wool and wool-blend materials.

Business Content

Manufacture and sale of fabrics for women's and men's apparel, as well as fashion accessories. Ownership of 21 rapier looms and a fabric-washing facility.

Product Introduction

Mitasho uses a composite material for their cut jacquard, crafted with multiple weaves layered over a base cloth made of materials such as Bemberg™ and nylon. Their finishing process, which includes a washing treatment, brings out a variety of textures in the fabric. They specialize in the fulling of 100% wool textiles and wool blends with Bemberg™. This fulling process for wool and wool blends results in lightweight textiles that trap air between the fibers, enhancing their moisture retention properties.

Manufacturing Process

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