Teijin Frontier DG Co., Ltd.

ADDRESS:336-1 Yanagibashicho, Mitsuke City, Niigata Prefecture

Company Profile

Recently, they've expanded their expertise to include high-tech materials like aramid fibers. From yarn creation to textile manufacturing and dyeing processes (which are outsourced to partner factories), the company takes a comprehensive approach with their operations. Their commitment to in-house development drives them to continually pursue innovative and creative product endeavors.

Business Content

The company focuses on the planning, development, production and sales of synthetic fiber fabrics for both women's and men's apparel. Their facilities are equipped with twisting machines, warping machines, sizing equipment, drawing equipment and rapier looms etc.

Product Introduction

Utilizing twisting and weaving techniques which is characteristic in Nigata region, Tenjin Frontier combines the authentic feel of natural fibers with the functional benefits of synthetic fibers.

Manufacturing Process

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