Precautions for the use of our products

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This portal offers materials for medical devices, packaging materials for pharmaceuticals, and other medical and life support products. Please contact us from the product pages for more information about the characteristics, specifications, and physical characteristics of the products. Asahi Kasei delivers test data and other information according to specific contracts. Please keep the following points in mind when you make a request.

  • ・We may assess the risk in advance to properly manage chemicals.
  • ・We are not held responsible for unintended product uses.
  • ・We do not guarantee anything other than the standards and conditions specified in the contracts.
  • ・Biological safety evaluations are not conducted unless otherwise specified for the products.
  • ・It is the responsibility of the end-use product manufacturer to demonstrate compliance and safety.
  • ・Please contact us for details about the transaction steps for supply.

Precautions for the use of our products

This link contains precautions for those who are considering the use of our materials in medical devices, pharmaceutical packaging, and other uses. Please read the precautions before considering our products.