Newly developed grades

1. Hollow multi-core POF

They are fibers having a pore at the central part, which can be used as a lightguide. An image fiber can be inserted also into this pore part.

Concentric type Eccentric type
Concentric type Eccentric type
Type Core number Grade name Inner Dia.(µm) Outer Dia.(µm) Remark
Concentric type 320 MBHT-480-680 480 680 Under development
MBHT-850-1050 850 1050
MBHT-1100-1350 1100 1350
MBHT-1400-1700 1400 1700
MBHT-1900-2400 1900 2400 Mass-produced
Eccentric type 325 MBHT-675E-900 675 900 Under development

2. A POF tape for parallel data transmission (under development)

This POF tape is expected in an application as an optical waveguide.

A POF tape for parallel data transmission
Core Dia. (mm) Fiber Pitch (mm) Fiber Number (pieces)
0.1 0.25 9
  • Specifications are subject to change without notice.