High heat resistance

Since BEMCOT is composed of cellulose (generic name: Cupro), it has excellent heat resistance and
can be used under certain high temperatures unlike synthetic fibers such as polyester and nylon.

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Heat resistance

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Material BEMCOT Polyester Nylon Polypropylene
Softening point Does not soften or melt Colored and
dissolved at 260℃ to 300℃
238~240℃ 180℃ 140~160℃
Melting point 255~260℃ 215℃~220℃ 165~173℃

Heat resistance test

Wipes are placed for 20 seconds on an electric hotplate preheated to 250℃ and the change of the wiper form is observed.
Test Method : Asahi Kasei Method


Almost no change

Polyester knit wiper
knit wiper


Staple-fiber rayon/polyester nonwoven wiper
Staple-fiber rayon/
polyester nonwoven wiper

Change of color observed

polypropylene nonwoven wiper
Staple-fiber pulp/
polypropylene nonwoven wiper

Deformation observed