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March 5th Asahikasei Spandex Europe has celebrated 10th anniversary.


ROICA™ by Asahi Kasei marks the 10th Anniversary of Real Market Development Successes in Europe through Smart, High-tech Innovations and Responsible Creativity

Dynamic partner synergies, research and bold investments were celebrated to recognize the ROICA Advanced Fit for Living brand as the leading and contemporary choice for stretch in everyday living.

On March 5th this year a convivial celebration for global employees took place to thank and acknowledge their ten years of smart commitment to the technical development of new, responsible stretch innovant. This milestone marked the launch of some really significant breakthrough stretch products, and going forward, Asahi Kasei looks forward to another ten years of innovation!

It was in 2006 that Asahi Kasei acquired the assets of the historic stretch brand Dorlastan. Since then, they have driven stretch developments to consolidate the international ROICA brand to now be at the heart of the European stretch business with two particularly fine innovations! This 10 year milestone is a new beginning for ROICA as the premium, high function stretch brand of choice in Europe, redesigning the DNA of comfort, fit and performance with responsible innovation!

The ROICA brand matches a new consumer demand for better values in products and better wear performances. And a growing roster of mill partners and leading fashion brand adoptions are testament to this success.

ROICA is clearly a market-leading advanced stretch material, and out of this unique decade of innovation, ROICA now boasts two world-first stretch functions: ROICA Eco Smart and ROICA Colour Perfect. Together they have written a new chapter in the story of stretch, one that is > uniquely more sustainable and also more refined.

ROICA is the only registered trademark for stretch solutions from Asahi Kasei Corporation.

The two new advanced fit functions, ROICA Colour Perfect and ROICA Eco Smart, offer unique benefits for consumers and manufacturers alike. They combine world-first-to-market performances with more sustainable values, and a unique colour match function, in some cases even offering a combination of the two, without compromise.

• The ROICA Colour Perfect range is a new standard in stretch colour technology with a flawless, colour match-dyed finish in various base materials and applications with an undetectable matte finish.

• The ROICA Eco-Smart range is a more sustainable stretch material, designed to offer a more responsible, eco-sensitive, fully certificated choice in stretch. It is the only eco-sustainable stretch available in the world today.

ROICA innovations have reshaped the textile landscape in many other ways with their unique offer in range of custom designed technic functions to suit every Modern Wardrobe need also including:

• ROICA CONTOUR. A family of shape, stretch and silhouette solutions offering calibrated control, softness, comfort and support.

• ROICA RESISTANCE. A family designed resistance for particular applications including against heat and chemicals, chlorine resistance in swimwear and unique flame retardant performance.

In sum, ROICA is reshaping textiles, apparel and brands with comfort, quality, performance and fit for sport, intimates, fashion, accessories and tailoring.