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February 16, 2022

Press Release

Asahi Kasei Medical to Build New Assembly Plant for Planova™ Filters

Asahi Kasei Medical has decided to expand the production capacity of Planova™ filters by constructing a new assembly plant in Nobeoka, Miyazaki, Japan. The new plant will be designed to realize a smart factory by accelerating manufacturing automation and digital transformation in order to enhance quality and production efficiency. The construction is scheduled to begin in the third quarter of the calendar year 2022, with expected completion in early 2024.

The COVID-19 pandemic has triggered the rapid growth of the biotherapeutics market and increased the urgent demand for Planova™ filters, which are indispensable to develop and commercially produce new drugs in pharmaceutical companies. Asahi Kasei Medical has been making significant milestones in expanding production capacity to meet such demands. This new assembly plant follows the investment announced in 2021 for the expansion of the spinning plant for Planova™ BioEX in Oita, Japan. As for the Planova™ N series filter, all six existing plants, including the spinning plant completed in 2019 in Miyazaki, Japan, have been operating efficiently to meet the increasing demand worldwide.

Asahi Kasei Medical is the global market leader in virus filtration, with its Planova™ filters having an unrivaled 30-year history of trusted use in the production of biotherapeutics. Asahi Kasei Medical aims to provide "Assurance Beyond Expectation" in the form of innovative yet exceptionally reliable bioprocess consumables, equipment, scientific support, and biosafety testing services to help biologics manufacturers safely and efficiently produce medicines that patients can trust.

Asahi Kasei Medical will continue to reinforce its global supply infrastructure for Planova™ through proactive investments in manufacturing facilities in order to support the early provision of vaccines and life-saving therapies to as many people as possible.

Planova™ virus removal filters

Planova™ Virus Removal Filters

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