Advancing Together

Core technology established as the de facto standard

Building on our core separation technologies using hollow-fiber membranes and adsorbent materials, our therapeutic and bioprocess filtration products have become the de facto standards in blood purification and pharmaceutical safety enhancement technology.

We are proud to have contributed to higher standards and greater reliability in products and technology through our uncompromising pursuit of product quality to ensure safety in biopharmaceutical and plasma derivative production processes as well as hemodialysis and therapeutic apheresis blood purification treatments.

Delivering what is needed, where it is needed, more than ever

In many parts of the world, healthcare needs are not being sufficiently met in terms of safety and quality, as well as access and availability.

Healthcare is the undertaking to sustain life and health, so the need for healthcare is common to all of humanity. Since safety and peace of mind are top priorities in every area of healthcare, it is our duty to deliver our high standards of quality to more parts of the world, while responding swiftly to demand and keeping prices reasonable.

Sophisticated manufacturing technology for uniformly high quality and swift response to demand

Japan has an international reputation for manufacturing skill and precision. The Asahi Kasei Group is squarely in this tradition. Leveraging the synergy of the group’s wide array of technology centered on chemicals and materials, together with its stable business foundation, we have established a proven track record of providing safe and reliable technologies, products and services to numerous medical facilities and pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Sophisticated manufacturing technology, rigorous quality assurance and thoroughgoing support are hallmarks of the Asahi Kasei Group. Compromise is unacceptable and “good enough” is out of the question. In the healthcare field, where human life is in the balance, standards of quality must be set higher still. Growth in global markets may call for national or regional optimization that takes social, economic and cultural factors into account, but we will always insist on maintaining our commitment to quality while developing production technologies that give us the competitive edge in cost and speed.

For everyone confronting disease and believing in life’s potential

In terms of patient benefit, the most important thing is wide availability at an optimized price and level of quality. Our products directly deliver value to our customers and to patients. For healthcare facilities and pharmaceutical manufacturers, our products offer a cost-effective way to maintain fair prices and foster confidence in medical treatment. For patients using the end product in a healthcare setting, we enable high-level therapeutic options and dependable safety.

In both cases, it is our hope that we earn the appreciation and trust of everyone confronting disease and believing in life’s potential.

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