Our Healthcare Philosophy

Meeting the need for good health

Our wide range of innovative medical products combine advances in life science, poly­mer chemistry and mecha­nical engineering with separa­tion tech­nology based on functional materials such as membranes, nonwoven fab­rics and adsorbents. Develop­ed th­rough the application of core technologies to meet real-world needs, our thera­peutic and bioprocess filters have become the de facto standards in blood purifica­tion, leukocyte reduction and virus removal, finding wide application in the treat­ment of intractable diseases and the manufacture of biopharma­ceuticals. We are dedicated to extending the frontiers of medicine to bring hope for health to patients, their fami­lies and medical professionals.

Supporting society through healthcare

Every society depends on infrastructure to support daily life. Healthcare is a key pillar of social infrastructure. It is at least as important as the transportation and communication networks, which support economic and social activity, or the educational system and legal system, which nurture and protect human well-being. We believe the wide and fair availability of healthcare is essential for society to fulfill its responsibility to sustain human life and enable everyone to enjoy better health.

For responsible and ethical healthcare

Being engaged in healthcare carries with it certain principles. One is the responsibility for safety that comes with a deep involvement with human life. Another is never giving up hope, based on the knowledge that nothing is more precious than health. Yet another is equal access to healthcare that offers everyone protection of life, peace of mind, and physical and mental well-being. Without these guiding principles we are convinced there can be no true progress in healthcare or meaningful growth in the healthcare business.

Never giving up hope, based on the knowledge that nothing is more precious than health.

Abundant resources to put ideals into practice

A leader in the general chemical and materials science industry, the Asahi Kasei Group has helped build Japan’s social infrastructure. We, as part of Asahi Kasei, have access to the group’s considerable resources, including fundamental technology, basic and applied research, manufacturing expertise, quality assurance, and capital strength. We apply this group synergy in the products and services we provide, building our business to meet evolving real-world needs. By putting our healthcare ideals into practice through our business, we contribute to better health and a higher quality of life for people around the world.

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