2017.10.18 Asahi Kasei’s Microza™ hollow-fiber membrane selected for desalination plant in Kuwait
2015.04.06 Microza™ hollow-fiber membrane selected for Singapore’s largest wastewater reclamation plant
2012.07.03 Microza hollow-fiber membrane system starts operation at a large-scale MBR wastewater treatment plant in Korea
2010.06.26 Microza™ hollow-fiber membrane systems selected for large-scale water clarification plants in Asia
2010.03.02 New Microza submerged membrane module for high-turbidity feed water
2010.01.18 Largest membrane-filtration facility to treat petrochemical plant effluent in Korea
2009.08.09 Revitalization of Water in Singapore !
2009.08.09 In China, Microza MBR adopted to one of the largest MBR systems in the world (at the time of commissioning) for the treatment of wastewater from refinery and chemical plants.
2009.06.23 Microza MF selected for large-scale waterworks facility in the Philippines
2009.03.09 Completion of wastewater recycling plant in Suzhou, China
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