Plastic Molding



Do you accept orders to mass-produce products using a mold fabricated elsewhere?
Yes, but we may need to check the specifications of the mold or perform trials beforehand.

Injection molding

What size of parts can you mold?
We can mold parts as small as a few grams and as large as several kilograms.
What types of resin can you work with?
Although we mainly work with ABS, PC, and m-PPE, we can also work with super engineering plastics.


Do you manufacture plastic products by means other than injection molding?
If you have any questions about plastic products, please feel free to contact us.
Can you start by making a mock-up of a product?
We can meet various requests using casting, cutting, stereolithography, and 3-D printing.
Can you deliver nationwide?
We can deliver nationwide.
Can you deliver overseas?
Unfortunately, we cannot deliver overseas.
Although we cannot meet in person, is it possible to have preliminary discussions?
We can have preliminary discussions using web conferencing tools such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom.