Electronic Parts Packaging Materials

The importance of circuit boards continues to rise in today’s society dependent on electronics.
We not only develop and supply thinner high-quality tapes essential for surface mounted device (SMD) packing and handling, but also have the know-how and original analysis to solve problems on the production line, supporting our customers conserve resources and improve economic efficiency.

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Product Information / Solving Problems

Cover tape

  • ・Long winding (traverse winding) available
  • ・Low temperature and low-pressure sealing
  • ・Peeling at seal interface
  • ・High transparency and stable sealing strength
  • ・Compatible with various sheet materials

Plastic Sheets for Carrier Tape

  • ・Sheets available with characteristics such as transparency, irregular shape, deep drawing, High folding resistance, and high-buckling strength, as needed.
  • ・We have a variety of sheets including the TB series with high antistatic effect. We can also supply slit products.

Carrier Tape

  • ・Supplying irregular shaped, deep-drawn products
  • ・Embossed carrier tape using our original sheets
  • ・Proposal of shapes to prevent overlapping at widths as low as a few millimeters.
  • ・We use various molding methods to meet different carrier tape specifications. We propose the most suitable carrier tape in accordance with the material, width, depth, and application.

Carrier reels

  • ・Compliant with JEITA standards
  • ・Wide variety of products available
  • ・Collapsible Reels Available
    We offer cost-effective eco-plastic reels, antistatic reels, and conductive reels.


  • ・Taping machine
  • ・Peel strength tester
  • ・Magazine

Problem Solving

  • - Consult us when you have problems
  • ・Measures against static electricity
  • ・About cover tape
  • ・About Carrier tape