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Functions and fields of application

Asahi Kasei Aluminium Paste is the material of choice for coatings, paints, printing inks, and many other applications, because of its high, uniform quality, superior functional characteristics, and variety of types, grades, and effects.

It provides a wide range of silver-metallic colour and design effects. The scale-armor effect of its flake-shaped particle layers provides excellent hiding properties and protects the substrate from penetration by gas, moisture, and UV light. When used on exterior walls and roofs, the thermal and optical reflection characteristics of its flake-shaped particles facilitate interior climate control.

Application Key functional properties
Paints, coatings Automobile OEM (Body) Design
Automobile refinishes Design
Automotive parts Design, chemical resistance, bonding
Consumer electronics Design, chemical and dielectric strength, bonding
Fluoride paints for coil coatings Design, chemical and weather resistance, bonding
Heat and corrosion resistant paints Reflection, corrosion resistance, leafing stability
Marine infrastructure Corrosion resistance
Gravure and offset printing inks Design, fine-particle, hiding, bonding
Films and coatings for vinyl sheets, fibers, magnetic cards, other products Design, fine-particle, hiding

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